Al Khamsa International

Is a global company in the area of procurement, dedicated to support a wide range of companies around the world in the supply of their demands through Innovative Supply Chain Management.

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We provide raw materials, equipment and spare parts from around the world to the oil, gas, petrochemical, mining and metallurgical industries.

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We work closely with our customers by creating a project team, which will lead the business process improvement strategy.

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About Us

Al Khamsa International is a UAE based advisory firm specialized in international procurement, sourcing and trading.

Our company opens a path in the strengthening of the oil, gas and mining industry. The fundamental principle, which identifies us and sets standards in what we do, is Integral Solutions for the Industry.

Under this premise, rather than offering a service or selling a team, we verify the reality that exists in each operational field; from that, we do the best design, adapted to the client’s commercialization strategies and needs. This allows us to give integral answers for production increasing and optimization.
We ensure our customers in an integral way the supply of quality products and services, with the highest technology in oil, gas, petrochemical, mining and metallurgical industry, which characterizes us as a leading company in these areas.

Our Services

Procurement & sourcing has become very important in international business because of globalization, increased competition, fluctuating availability of raw materials and rapidly changing pricing conditions.

At Al Khamsa International, we have longstanding experience in the ever-changing international arena. With a highly qualified team, a comprehensive strategy, and the availability of material and services at the right time, a quality service in procurement and sourcing at the lowest cost can be assured.

Through balancing the demands of both internal and external customers with economic considerations, while using new technology and innovative techniques, we add value to our customers’ business. We work with large numbers of contacts and providers in Asia and Latin America in leveraging their global presence and sourcing strategies to offer value to their customers. Recently, we have seen an increase in small businesses making use of our services, as we are able to pool resources with peer companies by forming partnerships to lower their procurement costs.
Companies may use single sourcing or multiple sourcing for their supplies. The advantages of a single-sourcing strategy include stronger integration between suppliers and customers and the possibility of receiving volume discounts. The advantages of a multiple-sourcing strategy include lower costs due to competition and uninterrupted supplies when there is a problem with one of the suppliers.

We support a wide range of companies around the world in the supply of their demands through Innovative Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management

Beyond the procurement and trading, our professionals carry out feasibility studies, basic and detailed engineering, on-site management and post-project support.

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